Happy Talking verses Sloppy Talking

Kathleen Arnason CEO Bee Happy Clothing

Kathleen Arnason
CEO Bee Happy Clothing

Sloppy Talking is something we all do now and then, however when you pay attention you will realize just how lazy we are becoming with the language we use!  As parents we have the opportunity to help children realize the importance of the words they choose to use.  PLEASE NOTE CHOOSE! It has been my experience children mimic what adults say and you never know when they will repeat it.

I was visiting a friend and her 3 young children were lined up on the couch people watching out the window when the neighbour walked by.  Excited they yelled out Mommy look there goes the lady who is a pain in the ass!  My friend was horrified imagining her neighbour coming to the door and the children announcing her arrival in the same manner.

I am sure there are a whole lot of stories just like this one out there. Even if we make it a goal once a month to focus on a word or line we know is sloppy you will be surprised how your life changes.  Statements like “I could die for an ice cream!”  or “I was killing time”  or “That broke my heart” – take note of your language as little ears hear everything and sometimes do not interpret the meaning correctly.  Change your world one word at a time! Be Kind with your language – be a Happy Talker !




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