Your Children as a Barometer

A very wise friend of mine came to visit me and I started to tell her I felt challenged by the way my son’s were behaving and I couldn’t figure it out.  She looked at me and said, ” So what is going on in your life that is upsetting you.”  I said Lynne I am talking about the boys and their behavior.  She said , “I know-that is why I am talking about what is happening in your life.”  Then she shared with me that children’s behavior is one of the best barometers and their behavior signals if you are off track in your own life.  The best news is when you deal with what is bothering you your children’s behavior will settle down as well.

I knew about barometers related to the weather but never considered using the idea as a way to gauge what was happening in my own life.

She said ,”If children are upset and acting out take a look at yourself and determine if your life is turmoil as well.”

I used her advice and sure enough when my own life was being challenged it was reflected in my children’s behavior. I payed attention and cleaned things up in my own life.  Started meditating more , went to bed earlier and made sure we were all eating properly.  Sure enough when I became more focused and grounded the boys behavior came around and we had a much happier home.  Lynne I think of you often and am so grateful for the wisdom you shared.

This was my experience and it is worth a try.  Next time your children start acting up, sit down and reflect on what is happening with you.  Your children will thank you for it! Happy children Happy Life!

There is a great buzzzzzz in being Happy!

In my love you are!


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