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Our delightful family of little cozy, yummy , plush and colorful ” Take Me With You Pillows” call out pick me up.  The moment you get one in your hands you will be hugging it to your heart and laying your cheek on it.  It is a companion pillow to the Big Bee Happy Pillow but can go anywhere!  Your child will do just that ” take it with them” to grandma’s, sleep overs, in the car it makes a great resting place for their little heads but mostly your child will connect it with calm and feeling happy.


Visit our Welcome Page to learn more about how to use your Bee Happy Pillow and ” 3 Steps to a Calm and Happy Child”


All Bee Happy Pillows are handmade with Happiness in Victoria BC Canada 

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Your  ” Take Me With You Pillow” will be a delight to both children and adults.  They are impossible to resist!  We have a whole family of cozy, comfy,plush, bright colored pillows and are adding new ones everyday.  At Bee Happy Clothing we care about your child both inside and out! 

Take Me With You Pillows are for EVERYONE.  Share your wish for Happiness by giving a Bee Happy Pillow to people you love – like your favorite baby sitter, your Grandma or your besty!  They bring on the good feeling emotions-Happiness and put a Smile on Your Face.


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